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For some time now we have been getting a lot of calls about our charges, at the outset it’s a little difficult for our investigation clients to determine our prices. We have been getting a lot of inquiries about our pre-matrimonial services as well, to give you an idea our standard pre-matrimonial services start from 42,000/- onwards, of course, it goes without saying that the more information that is required the higher our charges, our investigation clients in Pune, keeping asking what is covered in our rates, again we urge our clients to actually visit the services page to understand the subject before contacting us.
Please note our charges are non negotiable and are payable in advance.
There is not one single detective agency in Pune that will state its charges; Most of the detective agencies in Pune will not advertise their service charges as they like to assess the paying capacity of the client before they quote their charges.
Even though there is a limitation to this theory of quoting for private investigations in Pune due to the nature of the assignment, external factors, the experience of the private investigator, speed, etc; below is a rough idea of our charges which shall help you understand what you will be looking to spend on your assignment.
Firstly, our advice is to “Investigate the Investigator”. Private Investigators and Detective Agencies in Pune commence and vanish within months cheating the gullible looking for the low price Agencies. There are 100’s of complaints with many Police Stations, Courts, etc on the same whereas most of the cheated actually do not opt to go to the Police or approach the courts. As narrated above, Detective Agencies and agents have fancy names and websites but do not even have an office, sans any experience or capabilities, and vanish into thin air after taking small amounts from many people. Thus, besides other parameters, we advise you to at least find out the background, business standing, and how long the Agency has been operating from the same premises.
Secondly, and ironically we must bring to your notice that you would have seen it for yourselves that none of the websites you have already seen or can check back now give even a quote of their professional charges, during the course or before giving reports they come out with many hidden charges. Sadly, not satisfied with what they have extracted from you, many cases of blackmailing & extortion have been reported, and then we advise you to be very careful in selecting an Agency.
Our charges, expenses, and explanations show our transparency and honesty which you will appreciate.
The Charges for executing a case primarily depend on the quality and quantum of manpower, resources, and equipment required to be deployed and most importantly the time required for the assignment. There is generally no thumb rule charges towards an assignment as these vary from case to case, most importantly the charges depend on geographical, political, religious, expense, and risk-related factors. Moreover, the longer the period of assignment, the fewer the charges, the shorter the period of assignment, the higher the charges, i.e. if the charges for surveillance & shadowing for 7 days is Rs.7,000/- per day, the same will reduce to Rs.6,000/- per day if the same is for more than 15 days and will reduce to Rs.5,500/- if it is to be done for more than 30 days. Short Assignments result in under-deployment of the agents and thus loss to the Agency and thus if the Assignment is for 5 days it costs Rs.8,500/- per day and Rs.20,000/- for Assignments of 2 to 3 days and Rs.30,000/- for one single day. However, to give a general idea the charges are as below. These charges are 25% higher in expensive cities like Mumbai & Delhi.
We recommend that you either contact us via email, phone, or in person; give us a background of the matter that you want to be investigated and we shall access the best possible approach and methodologies that we can adopt for you and give you a quotation based on the same. There will be no hidden charges no extra charges for photos, videos, etc, and a proper agreement and non disclosure agreement signed between both parties; this will give a sense of assurance to the client that our agency is professional and shall abide by what the agreement states and dictates.
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